Looking for some Wiki help and you're too scared to go to the Founder, or you feel pity for the Deputy because he's
Flynn Funny3

Nice Flame Effects, right?

like the second-banana? Or did he just really annoy you by deleting that edt you spent an hour on? Well, look no further! Flynn's here to help answer any questions in less-then-perfect grammer! What more could you want?

Use Heading 2 to set up your comment and then put it down. Flynn's sure to check this page eventually. Maybe...

Or use the comments box below to ask Harry questions. But you don't need to ask him any questions. Go to 'Staff Help' under 'Community' to get the help of me, Elena Fisher. I will answer your questions better.

Got an Edit B?... 19:52, February 9, 2012 (UTC)