Hey there! Welcome to the first issue of the Bethesda Wiki. I was surprised to find upon being invited to

We all worship this man here, apparently... (Besides me. I'm an Elena fan. Elena FTW!)

this Wiki that the Admin here are all avid Uncharted fans! (Apart from Fraser the Founder) Just like myself. On a Bethesda Wiki. Makes sense. See, we are the rejects. The one's who couldn't make Admin there so were're here instead. Gives you confidence. But have no fear. We know tons about Bethesda. I've only played Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim (too young you see to play the older ones) but I know loads about the company and this wiki will be great.

I had a funny experience today in Physics. We're doing an experiment, right, and I don't have a clue what I'm doing, and I get the feeling that I'm the 3rd character in Uncharted 3 Adventure mode. Y'know the one who gets irrelevent lines that can be taken out. That was me. 'Yeah', 'Okay', 'This sucks', you get the point.

I managed to annoy the Admin with a question on whether Elena Fisher was the 1st secondary Protagonist of the Uncharted series. Harry agreed. Fraser didn't answer and poor Geopsych is still trying to fight through my messages. Sorry Geo. I'm really sorry...

We all sunk into our posts well. I've been given the writers position. Yay! Anyway. We had trouble with the background. It's been changing crazily and to top it all off some of the Admin(!) can't edit. But it's being fixed as we speak. We would like to welcome the new article 'on Martin Septim. It's a start, right? It's hard managing a Wiki with people who live in other countries. Still, I can write whatever I want and they can't get me here in America. Besides Harry. He'll cross oceans for me. Pages we have added:


This is the type of pictures that will be on the Wikily Slice. That's just me I guess.


Welcome page is being edited.

New character articles.

Added pictures.

Admin page being fixed up.

Background and general format.

And in the words of our great leader when I asked what we have added, Mr fraser gutteridge said...

Me "What have we added?" And the answer was...

Him: "Nothing much."

That wraps up this Wikily Slice. Time to revise for my Psychology test. Fun.

Got a Edit B?... 18:26, January 11, 2012 (UTC)