A Elder Scrolls Character


Vital Stats
Race Breton
Gender Male
Rank/Title Grandmaster of the Blades
Game Appearances TES: Oblivion
First Appearance Deliver the Amulet
Addition Information
Weapon of Choice Akaviri Da-Katana
Technical Information
Actor N/A
Base-ID 00023999
Ref-ID 0001CB98
'Now, it seems that this illegitimate son is the heir to the Septim Throne. If he yet lives'- Jauffre, talking about Martin Septim to The Hero of Kvatch

Jauffre was the Grandmaster of the Blades during the Oblivion Crisis. He was a loyal servant and Advisor of Martin Septim and helped him to become Emperor. Having been good friends with Uriel Sptim, Martin's father, he was asked to spirit the baby away when he was born.


When he was young, Jauffre saved Uriel Septim VII from thieves, thus leading to his initiation into the Blades. After being promoted to Captain of the Palace Squadron, the group of Blades who protects the Emperor in White Gold Tower, he became good friends with Uriel, his high position allowing him to talk to the Emperor regularly.

On night, Jauffre was called into the Emperor's chambers. A baby boy lay in a small basket and he immediately caught onto what was happening. The baby was Martin, the Emperor's illegitimate son. Uriel ordered Jauffre to take the babe to a safe place, with which Jauffre complied; spiriting him away to a farm. Uriel occasionally asked about Martin's progress.

The Oblivion CrisisEdit

Promoted to the Grandmaster of the Blades, Jauffre eventually retired to weynon Priory; his days of active
Jauffre at Priory

Jauffre at Weynon Priory

service over. When the Hero of Kvatch brought the Amulet of Kings before him and told Jauffre of the Emperor's death he was stunned and angry, certain the Hero had a part in it. When the Hero repeated Uriel's last words, he accepted the story and revealed the existence of the last Septim, illegitimate or not. he tasked the Hero to retrieve the heir or die trying.

Praying in the the Priory's Chapel, Jauffre was attacked by Mythic Dawn assassins. Managing to arm himself, he defended himself in vain, the suprise of the attack and ferocity condemming him to certain death. Enter the Hero and the last Septim. Between them they finished off the assassins in short order. Jauffre raced into the Priory, only to find the Amulet gone. In despair he said; 'The enemy has beaten us at every turn!' The Hero revealed Martin and Jauffre became much more optimistic. Quickly taking action he led the future Emperor and the Hero to the Fortress of the Blades, Cloud Ruler Temple. Along the way he became more familar with Martin, who he hadn't seen for years and certainly not openly.

Arriving at the Fortress, the Blades hail him as the heir to the throne, as Prince Martin Septim. Jauffre quickly got Martin aquainted with his new life and what was now expected of him. Jauffre then asks if the Hero of Kvatch would do him the honor of joining the Blades; (which the Hero
180px-OB-npc-Jauffre-Blades Armor

Jauffre, armoured.

can accept or decline.) Jauffre then tells the Hero to find Baurus, another Blade, who has information on how they can find the Amulet of Kings.

Still undertaking Martin's instruction as to how to rule an Empire, the Hero returns unsuccessfully from his quest to recover the Amulet of Kings, Baurus having preceeded the Hero and informed Jauffre of his actions in the Imperial City before-hand. With this loss Jauffre turns his mind to more pressing issues; Martin's safety. He tells the Hero his must find the spies and their plans, suggesting he talks with the Blades and the Bruma watch, the City that resides on Cloud Ruler Temple's doorstep.

With the Hero's success in this mission Jauffre is relieved that some of the pressure has been taken off the Blades. While the Hero completes Martin's requests Jauffre builds relation with the Bruma Guard, ensuring that he is kept updated with events across Cyrodiil. When a Oblivion Gate opens outside Bruma, Jauffre asks the Hero to help close it.

When Martin realises what is needed what is needed, he informs the Grandmaster as to his plan. Jauffre is reluctant, trying to persuade the Prince to turn from this course of action. But it is to no avail. Martin uses his authority over Jauffre and the Blade consents, telling Martin he will always be loyal to him. Jauffre acts as one of Martin's Bodyguards and follows Martin to The Battle of Bruma.

On the battlefield Jauffre stays close to the Prince, fighting off increasing waves of Daedra. when the Hero closes the Great Gate the weary defenders relish their victory. Jauffre is delighted and arges you and Martin to quickly recover the Amulet.

With the Hero's success, Jauffre informs the Elder Council of Martin's Claim and he escorts the Emperor to be there. Jauffre stands beside Martin when Chancellor Ocato swears fealty to Martin Septim as the Emperor. When the messanger tells of the attack on the Imperial City, Jauffre protects Martin and helps carve a path through the Daedra to the Temple of the One. When Martin sacrifices himself he asks the Hero as to what happend to Martin, expressing his concern that the Blades are now without a task. He tells the Hero they will continue, but without a purpose, for how long?

Jauffre can be asked about Martin thereafter, saying he was one of the best Emperor's ever to have lived and that he was a true Septim. Jauffre's death is never expanded on, but he does eventually die, as a Grandmaster of te Blades in Cloud Ruler Temple.


-Jauffre displays suprising stamina and ferocity for a man of his age. This is probably because of his training and his own healthy lifestyle.