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Emperor Martin Septim

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Vital Stats
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Rank/Title Emperor of Tamriel (Originally Brother Martin)
Game Appearances T.E.S: Oblivion
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"Remember when we first met in Kvatch? I told you that I didn't want any part of the gods' plan. I still don't know if there is a divine plan. But I've come to realize that it doesn't matter. What matters is that we act.- Martin Septim to the Hero of Kvatch dicussing his decision to lead Bruma's Defense

</span> Martin Septim is arguable the protagonist's of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. He is the illegitimate son of Emperor Uriel Septim VII. He becomes the last Septim alive after the Emperor and his half-brothers are murdered and the Main Quest revolves around his rise to the Throne with the help of The Hero of Kvatch, his Champion, and Jauffre, The Grandmaster of the Blades. He becomes the greatest of all the Septim's before his death.


Martin Septim is first mentioned when Jauffre entrusts the Hero with the knowledge that the Septim line is not over. Uriel Septim VII had a illegitimate son and he must be told of his lineage; ascending to become Emperor or all of Tamriel is doomed.

Martin is first seen when The Hero of Kvatch breaks the siege on the city of Kvatch, where his/her famous nickname originates from, as a priest of Akatosh called Brother Martin. Overwhelmed with the revelation that he could be a son, and last surviving heir, of Emperor Uriel Seprtim VII he agreeing to flee with the Hero after the siege is broken.

Fleeing from the Daedra to Weynon Priory, where Jauffre resides, they find it under attack. With the Hero at his side Martin displays an usually adept skill
Martin awesome

Martin Septim fights at the Priory

at magic and melee fighting, a possible hint to his less than savoury past, and they quickly make it to the Chapel where Jauffre was praying when he was attacked by the Mythic Dawn assassins, the cult responsible for the Emperor's death. Together they fend the attackers off and Jauffre runs to back to the Priory to find the Amulet of Kings, used to restore the borders between Oblivion and Tamriel, stolen. Jauffre realises that the future Emperor must be protected and together the trio makes it to Cloud Ruler Temple, the stronghold of the Blades.

There Martin sheds the name Brother Martin when he is accepted by the Blades as the next ruler of Tamriel, unofficially becoming Prince Martin (this is not shown on his character name). He starts to work with Jauffre in finding a way to recover the Amulet of Kings, slipping into a routine that befits an Emperor at Cloud Ruler Temple.

While the Hero meets up with Baurus, another Blade, and attempts works out the best plan of action to recover the Amulet, Martin is taught the roles of an Emperor and quickly brought up to sctratch in what is expected of him; and generally how to rule an Empire.

When the Hero returns unsuccessful, the Amulet now being in Paradise with Mankar Cameron, Martin used the Mysterium Xarxes, Dagon's holy book, to work out how he can open his own portal to Paradise. Sending the Hero off on a series of retrieval quests, directing him as to how to recover each, Martin continues to decipher the holy book of Dagon. In his searching he discovers that the final item needed to open the portal is problematic: A great Sigil Stone is needed. This can only be recovered if a Great Oblivion Gate is opened, similar to the one that destroyed Kvatch. Using information recovered earlier by the Hero, telling
Martin Septim

Martin Septim armoured for battle

a Mythic Dawn agent about the existence of the last Septim and plans to destroy Bruma, the nearby city that helps guard Cloud Ruler Temple, Martin makes a drastic decision, his first as the leader of Cyrodiil's defense. They're are going to allow the Mythic Dawn to open it.

This plan is met by less than welcome reactions by the Blades, even more so when Martin tells them he intends to lead the defense. The Champion is sent to gather aid, rallying all the cities of Cyrodiil, save the Imperial City, in Martin Septim's name and they flock to his banners. Martin dons the Armour of Tiber Septim, recovered earlier by the Hero of Kvatch and straps on his Silver longsword. Meeting with Countess Narina Carvain of Bruma, she bows to him as the Emperor and accepts his plan.

Martin leads his host onto the battlefield before the Great Gate. There he rallies them with an inspiration speech and dashes into the Daedric Army, protected by the Blades and The Hero of Kvatch. Fighting against desperate odds they hold out while the Hero takes the Great Sigil stone from the Great Gate. With his success, the Gate closes and the weary defenders relish their victory. It's time to get the Amulet back!

Martin creates the portal and the Hero retrieves the Amulet of Kings. Martin puts it on and it stays, revealing him to a be true son and heir of the Dragonblood. His name changes to Martin Septim and he leads the Grandmaster of the Blades and the Hero to make his claim to the Throne, sending Baurus, or Captain Steffan, as his envoy to the Elder Council. Upon arrival, flanked by his Blades the Prince makes his way to the Elder Council. Greeted by Chancellor Ocato, the current ruler of Tamriel, Martin is told his claim is legitimate and has already been accepted by the Council, who have heard of his recent feats. Ocato swears fealty to Martin Septim, making him an Emperor in all but crowning. (It is generally agreed that Martin Septim becomes the Emperor at this point and as a result become the last Septim Emperor.)

As the formalities are concluded, a messenger bursts into the room. The Imperial City is under attack from Daedra, led by Mehrunes Dagon himself. Everyone looks to the new Emperor for a decision and Martin obliges, telling them that they have to make it to the Temple of the One, to restore the Dragonfires. The Emperor's part then begins to cut it's way through the city to the Temple, amassing Imperial Troops and the White Gold Tower Guards around Martin Septim.

The part manages to get to the Temple, only to be blocked by Dagon himself. Distracting the Daedra Lord, the Hero and Martin rush into the Tenple. Martin realises what he must now do, and bids a fond farewell to the Hero. Smashing the Amulet beneath his feet Martin transforms onto the Avatar of Akatosh, just as Dagon breaks through the Temples dome. Squaring off, both Divine and Daedra leap into battle, Akatosh finally breaking Dagon's neck, but not before suffering a fatal wound. rearing back Akatosh leaves the form and the Dragon turns into a massive statue. Martin is hailed as the Greatest of Emperors. But he's gone. The Septim's are done. And things will ever be the same...


-Martin Septim is voiced by Sean Bean and also bears a good likeness to him. (Depending on the picture.)

-Martin father, Uriel was married to Princess Caula Voria. Though a beautiful and charming woman and much loved and admired by the people, the Empress in private was a deeply unpleasant, arrogant, ambitious, grasping person. Uriel found himself subjugated in his relationship and came to regret his mistake of marriage, and was repelled by her, thus he fathered an illegitimate son named Martin who succeeded him to the throne, if only briefly. This is probbaly why Martin was sired.

-His mother's name is Gemile.

-Martin Septim's age is never revealed but in the newspaper 'Assassination' his half-brothers are revealed to be about 50-60 in age. If Martin is the youngest of his brothers, (the youngest legitimate son being Ebel, who was 53 when he died) sired after Uriel's marriage had finally be revealed as a mistake, probably after his brothers have grown out of infancy, then he is likely to be around early to mid 40's.

-There is a glitch with Martin's dagger. If you don't pickpocket it, he will use it for The Battle of Bruma. However if you do, he will use his Silver Longsword and he should. (PS3)

-Martin also appears to have had dealing with Sanguine. when given Sanguine's Rose by the Hero during the quest Blood of a Daedra he says he one had possessed it briefly. It hints towards his past. He also talks to the Hero about how he and friends messed around with Daedric magic, in which some of his friends died. This could be a hint at his somber personality, daedric knowledge and impressive combat abilities.