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The Main Quest of Oblvion can be seen as the mo
Oblivion 2

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

st important event facing Tamriel at the current time. It focuses on Martin Septim's rise to the throne and the Oblivion Crisis in which he does it. It focuses on The Hero of Kvatch as the viewpoint and joint-Main Protaganist, with Martin Septim as the other Main Protaganist.

Mehrunes Dagon is the Main Antagonist, with Mankar Cameron as the Secondary Antagonist.

Humble Beginnings (Tutorial)Edit

The Hero starts off in a prison cell, being mocked by a fellow prisoner Valen Dreth. It has one resounding message; 'You're going to die in here!' How ironic, considering what can happen later in the game. It's at
Emperor Uriel and the Blades

Uriel Septim VII and the Blades

this moment that voices are heard, coming down the steps. One of the Emperor's guards, for the new arrival is indeed the Emperor Uriel Septim VII of Tamriel. The Emperor's guards, The Blades, are suprised to see the Hero in the cell, as it was supposed to be empty.

They command you to stand in the corner and the Emperor is swept through, until his recognises you. Claiming he saw you in a dream (no, his old age isn't getting to him, he actually did) the Emperor asks you several questions, in which he pardons you and tells you to join the company; believing that you have a greater role to play in the events that are quickly unravelling. With no where else to go, the Hero follows them into a secret passage.

Making a quick path through the sewers, the company is suddenly attacked by a set of assassins dressed
The Blades in Tutorial

The Blades fend off the Mythic Dawn

in scarlet robes and jet black armour. The Blades leap into attack, quickly subduing the attackers, but not before their Captain, Renault is stuck down. The Hero takes up her weapons and then sent off by the remaining Blades, before he gets in the way. (By the way, the Emperor does nothing. Thanks Uriel.) The Hero is left alone in the passage. Then a section of the wall colapses, expeling a rat, which the Hero kills quickly. Stepping into the passage, the Hero makes his way on his first adventure. After a series of adventures involving Goblins, rats and a zombie the Hero spies the Emperor's group making their way through the passage, fending off several assassins. Uriel is asking after you, whcih is obviously annoying the Blades, but he is the Emperor so
Uriel Septim VII

The Emperor Uriel Septim VII before his death.

they put up with it. The are attacked again and the Hero leaps into the fray, killing some of the assassins himself. The Blades are ready to kill you, but luckily Uriel grows some spine and orders them to stand down.

The Emperor talks to you, discussing your part in this journey and then asking the Hero his starsign; which them leads to the player chosing a starsign. The group then continues until they come across a blocked tunnel. Hearing voices, The Blades tell the Emperor to hide down a passage, while they deal with the new threat. The Emperor senses his death close at hand and gives The Hero the Amulet of Kings, the symbolic item of the Septims. He quickly explains that the Hero must seek Jauffre, with the closing lines (in reference to Martin Septim): 'Find him, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion.'

An assassin then leaps out of a secret passage, slashing down the Emperor. Advancing on the Hero, Baurus's blades cuts him down. While the remaining Blade mourns the Emperor, the Hero tells him of his new task. Baurus, a little sceptical, tells the Hero what he knows of Jauffre, the Grandmaster of the Blades, and sends the Heroon his way (after confirming his Character Class). The Hero escapes the sewers and heads on the path to Jauffre.

Deliver The AmuletEdit

The Hero escaped the sewers and eventually found himself outside Chorrol,
Weynon Priory

Weynon Priory

one of the Great Cities of Cyrodiil. Asking around the Hero is directed to Weynon Priory, where 'Brother' Jauffre resides. Treking to the Priory, he was met by Prior Maborel, who told him he could meet Jauffre on the top level of the Priory. The Hero entered and climbed the steps, entering a level above. One side held the monks beds, the other an office. There Jauffre sat. The Hero handed over the Amulet of Kings, much to Jauffre's surprise.