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The Court. A place where all the Justice of an Internet Wiki gathers together to pass rulings on otherwise misunderstood Users.

The Rules and ProcedureEdit

There are Five Admin Users who act as Judge Admin (JA). (At the moment there are places available.) We need reliable, fair users to take up these positions. Talk to either Mr fraser or Flynn if you have queries. You can always apply even if all the places are taken, as one judge might step down. The Current Judges:

Chief Judge Admin Gutteridge- Mr Fraser Gutteridge (Foun. JA)

Judge Admin Flynn- Harry Flynn (Dep. JA)

The rules are a follows:

-Cases will be held on a Live Chat if deemed big enough. Otherwise enter your complaint in the section below. It will be reviewed by the Judge Admin(s).

-Each case will be reviewed and judged by at least two Judge Admin(s), whether this be through private discussion or a Live Chat Trial.

-All Users involved will be talked to about the complaint. Some can just be dismissed with apologies.

-If a User commits a big crime (e.g. deleting pages regularly for no reason or hacking the Wiki), the User will be tried by all Five Judge Admin (s) (if there are five).

-Rulings can end with a banning from the Wiki or just a warning depending on crime and attitude.

These measures are pretty extreme. To be honest a proper Trial will proabably never happen, but we want to keep this Wiki safe and it helps build up a fair community. Anyone interested in Law might like this, but bear in mind work may be slow and it doesn't count towards anything unless it gains a lot of publicity and becomes a big thing.


To present a case, select Heading 2 from the top font bar in Edit Page mode. Then create a short article (a sentence or something) at the bottom of this page. If the case is noteworthy a temporary page will be set up by the Judge Admin and the case tried.

Level OneEdit

There are no cases in this section currently.

Level TwoEdit

Fisher V Flynn- User of the Month Page

Level ThreeEdit

Admin V Little devil will (Jordon)- User Review