A Elder Scrolls Character

The Dovahkiin

The Dragonborn
All the following depends on player. The defaults are used below.
Vital Stats
Race Nord
Gender Male
Rank/Title The Last Dovahkiin- A Legendary Hero, as a result, Thane of Skyrim.
Game Appearances TES: Skyrim
First Appearance Unbound
Addition Information
Weapon of Choice N/A
Technical Information
Actor The Player
Base-ID N/A
Ref-ID N/A
'By what right do you claim to enter Shor's hall!?'

'By right of Birth! I am The Dragonborn.'- Tsun, Keeper of entrance to the Hall of Valor and Dovahkiin's reply.

The Dovahkiin is the main character of the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and is controlled by the player character. The Dovahkiin (or Dragonborn as he/she is known in the common tongue) is the hero tasked with defeating Alduin, the 'World Eater', as prophised on Alduin's Wall. Dovahkiin has the blood of a Dragon as a result is able to use Dragon souls to fuel his/her knowledge of the Dragon language. Dragonborn can learn the language of the Dragons almost effortlessly an is extremely skilled in using Thu'um or Shouts. His/her ability to use Shouts far excedes any mortal warrior.

The Main QuestEdit

See the page Skyrim-Main Quest. This is because the main quest focuses around Dovahkiin, so repeating it here is irrelevent.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Dragonborn is able to use the Thu'um at a level in which even Alduin himself cannot match. Apart form this ability the Dovahkiin has other skills.

The Dragonborn has an affinity for any weapons, be it sword or bow. He/she can train to master level, with practice and (compared to other masters) relative ease. The Dragonborn can also use magic, wihich is a rare gift. This too can be trained to a master level. The Dovahkiin can also master the use of speech, becoming charming or threatening as the situation demands. Stealth is also relatively easy for the Dovahkiin to undertake, whether it be through magic or pure skill.

The Dovahkiin, is in other words, the perfect warrior and the only Hero capable of destroying Alduin.


-The Greybeards, when welcoming the player as Dovahkiin, mention that he/she must wear the crown of the Dragons. This could reference to what Parthanuux says at the end of Main Quest when he says the Dragonborn is the only person worthy of taking over Alduin's Kingdom (the Kingdom itself is unknown.) It is possible that they are refering to the Dragoncrown wore by Emperor's of Tamriel. This could be a hint at the plot of the next game.

-It could be assumed that the Dragonborn who led the struggle against Alduin wielded the sword, Dragonbane (found in Sky Haven Temple). This is because it can be seen in the picture of the Dragonborn on Alduin's Wall. Also the first Dragonborn was Akaviri (like the rest of the Blades), so this sword would suit him. it is also especially potent to Dragons.