Update log from the Founder: Mr Fraser Gutteridge - Updated on Date - 4/01/12 Time - 13:22 Uk timeEdit

After a long and happy Christmas of 2011 we are brought to the new year 2012 which i'am sure will be just as jam packed as last year and i hope it will just be as fun.

With a new year start i will be pushing to build the wiki in many ways posbbile and i have started to do this by getting some staff to help.

Admin and Bureaucrat

Harry Flynn - A Uncharted wiki fan but thinks big for this wiki:

Harry Flynn

Harry Flynn- My right hand man


Geopsych - Made many edits on many wikis and advised by my right hand man - So he will be a Great help in building this wiki


Geopsych - will be a great addition

Lets join together and build this wiki.

Happy new year everybody

fjgutteridge 13:41, January 4, 2012 (UTC)

This is not a full article due to construction. Please find that there will be a full starting one soon.