A Elder Scrolls Character

The Hero of Kvatch

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Vital Stats
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Rank/Title Blade Kinght Brother, Champion of Cyrodiil, Various other Faction Titles, Prince Sheogorath- The Mad God
Game Appearances TES: Oblivion, TES: Skyrim
First Appearance Escaping prison
Addition Information
Weapon of Choice N/A
Technical Information
Actor The Player
Base-ID N/A
Ref-ID N/A
"As for what you have done, it does not matter. That is not what you will be remembered for."
―Uriel Septim VII on the future of the Hero of Kvatch
The Hero of Kvatch is the most common name used when refering to the playable character in TES: Oblivion. He gained that name when he destroyed the Oblivion Gate aoutside Kvatch and broke the siege with the guardsmen of Kvatch. He joins the Blades after successfully delvering Martin Septim to Cloud Ruler Temple and acts as his Champio and Ambassador to Tamriel, representing him when gathering the support of the Counts and Countesses to Martin's cause and when announcing his arrival to High Chancellor Ocato. He fights beside him in the Oblivion Crisis.

The Main QuestEdit

See the Oblivion Main Quest. (The story revolves around the Hero and so it would just be repeating the article.)

The Elder Scrolls: SkyrimEdit

The Champion is seen as Sheogorath, having taken on the Man-God's mantle in Shivering Isles. He is sitting with the mad Emperor Pelagius and is talking about the Oblivion Crisis, stating references to Martin Septim and the War itself.