Hey, this is a tutorial page. This will show You, how to work on the Wiki and achieve Fraser's dream of 10,000 pages. If you read this. First we will start off with simple editing:
For the wiki

Okay, see this is the Edit button. Got it? No. Okay, this is going to take ages...

Okay, we will start. It is dead simple to edit. It only requires the ability to use a keyboard. That' why I'm getting someone to have- Just wrestled the keyboard away from my 'helper'. Not helpful. You can't see this but this has taken me an hour to write out. So you had better respect the tutorials. I'm wasting my life for you guys. - Elena

Simple StepsEdit

To Edit You:

Click on the Edit Bar and write what you want to write out. Simple as that.

After clicking the Edit Bar you should a list tools in a bar above your area of writing. It should look like this:
Picture Toolbar

The Toolbar