At the moment this page is marked as not important and therefor will be delayed for creation.

All i can give you is a small sort paragraph for the time being:

You can say what you want but please understand that what you say will be read by other wiki users and non - users. So follow my short rules for a fair information that gets your information across but does not upset anyone.Edit

1) If you copy information from another wiki or website you have to rewrite it in you own words, you have to do this because you can upset other users that created that text. - I would prefer if the information you give is not copyed.Edit

2) Don't go only on your opinion as it can sometimes make the text more one sided e.g. if you write some information for a character but you write your opinion on what you think of the character all your displaying is your fellings for that character, so please try to keep it fair and if you want to add your opinion then please add it seprately and mark it as your opinion.Edit

3) If you come to a problem were you and another or more than one users can't make a idea stay there then please contact the wiki website conflict section were i and my staff will look and the history and listen to your comments and decide on who will keep the page like they want it. Please contact us before you cause problems.Edit

Just remember this simple rule: THINK,BEFORE,YOU,SPEAK.

fjgutteridge 10:46, January 19, 2012 (UTC)